CHOKERS - Hazelwood & Raw Unpolished Baltic Amber Necklace

What is Baltic Amber and How Does it Work?
Baltic Amber is a resin that is like sap which formed over 45 million years old from the Baltic Sea region of Europe/Asia. It contains the highest quantity in nature (3-8%) of succinic acid, which produces its anti-inflammatory properties. When Amber is worn your body heat warms the resin then it releases its oil into your bloodstream to activate this healing powers. 
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What is Hazelwood and How Does it Work?
Wood from a Hazelwood tree which is native to Quebec, Canada has the medicinal properties to neutralize the bodies acidity! The wood absorbs the bodies excess acid when worn close to the body and kept wet. Hazelwood will eventually have to be replaced when the inside wood turns a dark color. The bark may flake off from normal wear and tear but this does not ruin its ability to absorb acid. Many find they will have to replace first necklace sooner than later because it is absorbing a lot of excess acid. The next piece will most likely not darken as fast because you have already aided the body to rid the excess and it is more for maintenance! 

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-CHOKER size - 16" :bead sz 3-4 mm- If you need a size not indicated for sale please send me a message first first

Made with:

  • Baltic Amber from Lithuania
  • Plastic Safety Barrel Screw Clasp
  • Nylon Cord

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