Grateful Life

What does the Hippie Hoopla logo mean?

What is the gratitude symbol? You might have noticed a theme running though our company and website design - that of a “G” within a circle, which is known as the universal gratitude symbol.

For my last birthday, I decided I wanted my first tattoo. I knew exactly what I wanted after thinking about it for months - a small heart on my hand. I was always drawing one on it, so why not make it permanent? The day of the tattoo, I was thinking about maybe getting something else on my wrist on the same hand, like the word “love” or “thank you.” I was playing around with different fonts and seeing how it looked in different languages, but nothing stood out. Then I thought, “Well, maybe there is a symbol for 'thank you,'” and that's how I came across the G symbol. I immediately loved it and found a version that I knew I had to have as a tattoo. So I planned and plotted a small heart tattoo for months but was able to say YES to the gratitude symbol the day of the tattoo without hesitation...that was sort of huge!

The week before this all went down, I had been playing around with logo design for my new company but coming up short. Right after this symbol was permanently placed on my skin, I new that was it. I worked with a designer to come up with the right design that I am in love with. From there, my brain has been working nonstop, thinking of all the things I want to do with such a powerful message. The words “Grateful Life” came to me, and it's now my mantra. I like how it is sort of a play on the band Grateful Dead (life being dead's opposite)!

So if you Google “gratitude symbol,” you will find many versions, but all come back to the same G within the circle design. No matter how you draw it, the message is still the same and a constant reminder that gratitude is first...because without it, you have nothing!