Raw vs. Polished

RAW Baltic amber is unprocessed, untreated amber that comes from the Baltic Sea region. Raw is the true form of amber...it uses less heat when processed and contains extra layers of succinic acid, which is what relieves pain and helps with all other issues that amber helps heal.  Since raw amber does have more succinic acid than polished, raw is considered to be more potent than polished.

Polished Baltic amber has been heated and pressure-treated to make it shine. It still contains succinic acid but in a lower amount.


Baltic amber occurs naturally in a variety of colors: white, yellow, brown, black, red, green, and blue. The most common are honey-colored and milky. A small percentage is bone white, due to microscopic gas bubbles. The clear and translucent amber results from flowing and dripping resin. This kind often shows layers from continuing flow on already dried resin. The black and dirty brown colors are caused by a mix of resin, soil, and plant fragments. The most rare have a tone of green or blue caused by gas or inclusions.