Tara  - Hair Stylist

Years back, my hands and wrists suffered severe puncture wounds from dog bites, and I have dealt with pain from nerve damage ever since. Also, I am a professional hairstylist, so my hands and wrists are in constant use, which makes chronic pain very upsetting. I tried many remedies, like herbal, homeopathic, or conventional treatments, but nothing seemed to alleviate the pain. Two days after wearing my amber and hazelwood bracelets, I noticed the pain lessened, and by the end of the week, it was GONE. I wear my bracelets day and night.


Christy - Massage Therapist

I used to ice my wrists and forearms at night if I wanted to be able to work the next day. About two weeks after I started wearing my amber bracelets, I noticed I could work consecutive days without the burning and aching in my wrists. 


Rori - Car Seat Safety Specialist

Both my mother and mother-in-law LOVE the amber bracelets you made for them! They both suffer with arthritis issues, and both have reported lessened pain when they wear their bracelets. My MIL called me frantic one day to tell me that she had snagged and broken hers on a branch while working in her garden and asked that I get her a replacement ASAP! Thank you!


Nichole - Mother of twins

Your necklaces have made me (and many other people who've seen them in action) a believer! Within 5 minutes of taking the necklaces off, my twins are a drooling mess and far fussier than normal. The customer service is exceptional too! Thank you!


Carol - Grandmother

I am a shopper of bargains but of GREAT items. I was searching for Baltic amber for my granddaughter, so I was looking for the BEST possible. She is a 7-month-old TEETHER, who has drooled since 4 months! After searching etsy, FB, and any other source, I totally stumbled on AmberBelle Beads. After sending a bunch of emails about hand knotting, the quality, and the process, I placed an order. Someone who hand knots each bead AND has two clasps to make it two bracelets or a necklace! Yup, this grandmom was SOLD. After placing my order, one day later, my granddaughter was wearing her beads! Also got my Vietnam vet husband a necklace due to severe pain. I AM SOLD!!! The quality of the product is FABULOUS, but the quality of the person BEHIND the product is even better. My granddaughter seems to be getting through tooth cutting very seamlessly! My husband, although still in pain, is not in NEAR as much pain as he was! SOLD on quality, attitude, price, performance. (I manage 4 FB pages and have put out a recommendation on all 4 pages!)



I was always a skeptic of amber beads, but I decided to give them a try when my third daughter was about a year old. Her teeth would literally come in three or more at a time, and she was miserable. Her amber necklace made a huge difference by making her more comfortable.


Kimberly - SAHM

So I didn't know hazelwood helped with eczema!! I have it on my hands, and it's been significantly better since you gave me this necklace!